Placing PIM in your Organization: The Busy Family’s Late-Born Child

In many Product Information Management (PIM) implementations, the organizational impact is seriously underestimated. This results in a high-risk project, friction between departments and PIM not delivering up to the expectation. The key reason for this is the fact that employees and managers often experience a PIM implementation differently than an ERP or PLM implementation. While most people will see the value of a fully functional PIM, supporting its birth and development is often regarded as unthankful or even unnecessary extra work. That makes PIM the late-born child that not everybody wants to take under his wings to grow and mature. In this whitepaper we will take this analogue further to explore the role of PIM as the Benjamin in your organization. To create one happy family it’s not PIM that needs to be changed: it’s the organization itself.

This whitepaper will teach you:

  • How to sell PIM within your organization
  • How to place PIM within your organization
  • The importance of C-Level support

Mark Blockhuys, Director Consulting at Osudio

Besides being consultant, Mark is responsible for the daily operation of the consultancy team at Osudio. This includes optimizing business processes and procedures, enabling knowledge sharing, driving competence centers and focusing on the overall quality of the business. Mark helps companies grow through strategic consulting and supports the voice of the customer as well as the voice of the business. He also supports companies with their e-Business Solution Definition.

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