Translating your business model to omnichannel: Asking the right questions as a CEO

Part 1 of 2

Why is Omnichannel so high on the agenda of many CEO’s? How will it impact
my market? What will it cost? Going Omnichannel impacts almost every part of your company. Failing to address the forces that drive Omnichannel will seriously impact your business and may even bring the end of corporate existence. For a CEO, the challenge is to identify and anticipate what lies ahead: a more demanding consumer, new channels, more competition and continuous innovation.

This whitepaper will teach you:

  • Why Omnichannel is so high on the agenda of CEO's
  • 5 misconceptions on Omnichannel
  • How Omnichannel impacts markets

About Osudio & commercetools

Osudio and commercetools offer businesses complete, integrated solutions combining long lasting experience in e-business with future ready technology. Benefits of the approach include increased relevancy for end-users, shorter time to market and elimination of IT issues usually associated with omnichannel projects.

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